Welcome to Ethos Laboratories. Our goal is to positively contribute to the pain management community by improving the lives of patients through cutting-edge testing options with a turn-around time among the fastest in the industry. We are a premier provider of laboratory services nationwide, delivering an outstanding service experience for each individual provider.

Ethos focuses on providing excellent quality, service, and support for every customer. We demonstrate our commitment to quality with every sample that comes through our doors, holding ourselves to the highest standards for accuracy and efficiency. We strive to exceed your expectations by fully understanding your specific requirements and partnering with you to meet every testing need.

Listening to our customers and taking care of our employees are absolutely essential to our success. Using provider and employee input, we have created innovative tools, resources, and processes that have improved provider insight into sources of pain, increased understanding of medication compliance, and fueled our pursuit of continuous improvement.

Everything we do at Ethos is driven by our 12 Core Values, some of which include Innovation, Integrity, Passion, and Customer Focus. Our clinical staff is committed to providing the highest level of scientific expertise and customer support. Answers are always just a phone call or email away!

Thank you, Ethos Laboratories
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