Make informed treatment decisions from fast & accurate testing.

Ethos Advanced Adherence Assessment offers a comprehensive menu of urine and oral fluid toxicology testing.

Results reveal whether patients are taking their medications as prescribed, so practitioners can craft the most effective treatment plans.

24-Hour Turnarounds

Quick turnarounds & exceptional customer service

Over 95% of urine and oral fluid toxicology samples are processed and released within 1 day of receipt. Most labs take up to 3-5 days. Reports are tailored to practitioners’ exact specifications, with clear compliance information front and center based on a patient’s medication list.

When practitioners call in with questions, they're answered by certifying scientists who are eager to help clarify and solve any issue.

Clinically Informed Treatment

Results you can trust

Our Compliance Support Program utilizes the CDC toxicology guidelines to regularly highlight opportunities for clinically relevant testing utilization, including risk assessments, baselining, and monitoring.

Bigger Picture Insights

Verify compliance to treat the whole patient

When your patients’ symptoms and pain aren’t improving, verification is the first step to solving the puzzle—you have to be sure that patients are taking medications as prescribed and are not taking any illicit drugs.

Ethos is the only laboratory to offer both compliance testing and biomarker analysis (Foundation Pain Index) for chronic pain patients—delivering a deeper understanding of your patients’ chronic pain from a single urine test.

Time-Saving Reports

We developed the Ethos Snapshot™ from healthcare provider feedback. The report offers healthcare providers with a clear and concise summary of the test results in an easy-to-read format.

Our Commitment to Constant Innovation

Our lab utilizes high-throughput robotics and automation in many stages of testing to minimize the likelihood of human error.

We offer over 90 urine-based and 40 oral-fluid testing assays, including an enhanced behavioral health panel.

We use LC-MS instrumentation to provide the highest level of sensitivity and specificity for confirmatory toxicological data.

We’ve grown our number of urine-based assays by 23% in the last year to quickly meet the dynamic needs of our customers.