Identify underlying causes of suspected conditions for improved patient outcomes.

With the Targeted Biochemical Assessment (TBA), metabolite accumulation or deficiency can confirm the presence of suspected endocrine, metabolic, and/or nutritional disorders.

Biomarker Results

The results of the individual analytes are listed. The YOUR RESULTS section identifies if the individual marker is within a normal range or if it is abnormal, low or high.


Personalized recommendations for addressing abnormal results.

Historical Results

Longitudinal results allow the provider and patient to assess biochemical status over the course of treatment.

TBA Report & History

Our easy-to-read report provides a comprehensive summary of results, treatment recommendations to address abnormalities, and a longitudinal view of patient results to determine treatment effectiveness.

Delivering Intelligence to Inform Decisions


Endocrine, Metabolic, or Nutritional Disorder


Targeted Biochemical Assessment with Urine Sample


Results and Recommendations


Pathway Correction Using Longitudinal Results