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Welcome to Ethos Laboratories.
We are a CAP accredited, CLIA certified, high-complexity laboratory that specializes in clinical toxicology, pain biomarker testing, pharmacogenetics, serology, and COVID-19 testing.
Clinical diagnostic testing helps providers screen for or monitor specific medications, conditions, infections, diseases and more. Lab testing helps assess patient health, allowing providers and patients to make informed clinical decisions in patient care.
Offering the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we strive for superior customer service and superior customer support. Our relationships are built upon transparency with our customers, and transparency with our employees. We hold ourselves at the highest standards for accuracy and efficiency.
Our laboratory has created innovative tools, resources, and processes that have improved provider and patient insight into sources of pain, increased understanding of medication compliance and medication management.
Foundation Pain Index
Ethos’ own Foundation Pain Index test is able to help practices and providers understand their patient’s pain on an objective level (versus subjective), thus providing them with important test result data to treat chronic pain with non-opioid solutions.
COVID-19 Testing
Ethos Labs is involved with our local community on a daily basis. We provide daily COVID-19 testing in school districts across the state of Kentucky. We offer COVID-19 testing for businesses and individuals across the nation with our at-work or at-home COVID test kits. Additionally, Ethos Labs offers COVID-19 vaccination services at our Newport, KY headquarters and in school districts across the state of Kentucky.
We are grateful to be able to share the vital role of pharmacogenetics with providers as they make informed decisions for better patient care. Our pharmacogenetics testing examines the most clinically significant genes in the patient population to provide insight into the most effective medications to treat patient symptoms.
The serology (serum/blood) offering from Ethos Labs is broad and comprehensive, including panels that check for certain diseases or conditions, organ health, immune system health, pharmaceutical drug effectiveness, and much more. Serology testing is important on a wide scale to quickly and accurately get a sense of a patient’s health, and in specific cases, to verify or monitor a condition.
Our clinical staff is committed to providing the highest level of scientific expertise and customer support. Answers are always just a phone call or email away – or (877) 496-2570 | Fax: (877) 496-2571