Ethos CareEvolve Portal

NEW – Our new Ethos CareEvolve Portal is now available to our customers, creating a new standard for online ordering. This online portal will allow you to create a patient bridge to your EMR to populate patient demographic and insurance information for your online orders, eliminating duplicate data entry, saving time, and reducing errors. All online orders and results are available to view, download, and print. The user-friendly and intuitive features empower you to manage your patient testing process with ease and confidence.

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If you don’t have access to your new Ethos CareEvolve Portal yet, contact your Territory Manager for more information.

Ethos CareEvolve Portal Login

Ethos Clinic Portal

For customers of Ethos Laboratories, we offer an online portal to view, download, and print results as they are released from our laboratory in real time. This allows our customers to gain the most benefit from our fast turn-around time.

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Ethos Clinic Portal Login

If you need assistance with the Ethos Clinic Portal or Ethos CareEvolve Portal, please contact our IT Department:

(877) 496-2570 ext. 1138