Certifying Scientist – Toxicology – Second Shift 12-8PM


LOCATION: This position is located in Newport, KY, two blocks from Newport on the Levee

HOURS: Monday – Friday, 12:00-8:00PM


  • Bachelor of Science or Master’s Degree in Toxicology, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Life Science, or similar analytical science field required
  • Preference for candidates with familiarity with LC-MS/MS instruments (other experience in instrumental analysis of GC, HPLC, LC-MS/MS or LC-QTOF of drugs in biological tissues may be acceptable)
  • Preference for candidates with familiarity with Agilent MS and LC systems – specifically MassHunter Acquisition and Quantitation programs
  • Previous work with bodily fluids – such as urine and oral fluid is preferred


  • Final review and certification of patient reports following established protocols – specifically for urine and oral fluid testing – utilizing and reporting point of care testing, EIA screening, and LC-MS/MS confirmation testing results
  • Transcribe data from first review onto final review list
  • Review reports individually, checking for completion of all demographic information, all ordered tests, and that results correspond to established norms
  • Identify and confirm prescribed medication vs. inconsistent reports – either due to the presence of non-prescribed medications or illicit drugs
  • Add comments to reports as needed
  • Document completed reports and items for further review
  • Collaborate and communicate with other departments to maintain the highest quality standards for testing procedures
  • Answer incoming phone calls to the Confirmation department from customers, including questions regarding basic toxicology, basic drug metabolism, assistance with report issues, and sending reports
  • Complete internal and external rerun requests
  • Review calibration and quality control data for each batch of patient samples
  • Perform data analysis on patient samples for multiple analytes using mass spec software programs
  • Utilize established protocols to confirm retention time, precursor and product ions, and qualifier ions are within established ranges for peak qualification and note any discrepancies
  • Identify patient samples requiring reinjections or re-extractions following established protocols
  • Program reinjections to run on the mass spec instruments
  • Document data analysis completed and items for further review
  • Transmit completed data analysis to the Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Assist in proficiency testing, monitoring of daily controls, and be responsible for operating within the established quality controls parameters; including the recognition of invalid data and bringing all errors to the supervisor’s attention
  • Work on selected projects as determined by the Technical Supervisor, and meet all established deadlines and project goals
  • Participate in developing new testing opportunities and method development as needed
  • Perform the optimization of new analytes; and potentially assist in the preparation of quality controls and calibrators from certified standard materials


  • Regular and prompt attendance
  • An advanced understanding of drug metabolism, toxicology, forensic testing, P450 enzymes, ADMET, or testing principles specifically related to urine, and oral fluid metabolism
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Proficient in operating complex laboratory instrumentation and computers with scientific software
  • Ability to participate in method development, validation or research with technical supervision preferred
  • Able and willing to follow established protocols employing acceptable forensic standards of analysis and the use of judgment in searching for solutions or new applications within one’s own experience
  • Must be able to work with limited supervision where the work assignments are subject to established procedures, practices, precedents, methods, techniques, standards, and/or well-defined policies
  • Must be able to achieve superior results when work is reviewed in terms of quality, volume, timeliness, and adherence to established methods, standards and policies
  • Participate in ongoing training and continuing education courses related to drug metabolism, toxicology, and LC and MS systems
  • Responsible for promoting a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment
  • Must be able and willing to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when required
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications