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    Better Insights At Every Step in the Treatment Process

    Assessment & Pre-Treatment

    Leverage proprietary biomarker & pharmacogenetics testing to understand the precursors of patients pain and which medications / dosages will provide the most relief.


    Our state of the art lab processes toxicology adherence tests within 24 hours to ensure that regimens are being followed

    Treatment Optimization

    Optimize patient regimens with better intelligence over the course of their treatment to phase out opioids or start alternative treatment plans.

    Foundation Pain Index

    The world’s FIRST objective, non-invasive biochemical pain index
    • Clear, objective measure of pain to aid in diagnoses and treatment plans
    • Analyzes 11 specific biomarkers that have been proven to be linked to chronic pain
    • Easy to understand report to guide physician recommendations and ensure patient clarity
    • Informs personalized treatments based on each patient’s biochemistry
    • Report includes personalized recommedations & historic results to track status throughout treatment

    Our Full Suite of Pain Management Laboratory Tests

    Ethos is more than just a toxicology lab. Leverage our range of laboratory tests to glean holistic patient insights, monitor adherence, and optimize treatment plans.

    • Verify compliance to treat the whole patient
    • 24 hour turnaround time for over 95% of samples
    • LC-MS & laboratory automation provide the highest levels of sensitivity & specificity for toxicological data
    • First, ever objective measure of pain to inform treatment approaches
    • Analyzes key biochemical markers that are known drivers of chronic pain
    • Clear next steps for treatment including supplementation
    • Tailor medication regimens based on the patient’s specific genotype & phenotype
    • Utilize safer dosages & minimize potential side effects
    • Reduce trial & error in the development of treatment plans
    Ethos Labs’ Serology test menu allows physicians to utilize one lab for all their testing needs. Physicians can leverage these tests to gain a comprehensive picture of their patients’ health.

    Patient Success

    A female patient with chronic fibromyalgia

    “Her fibromyalgia pain improved, and she felt more energizedand less depressed.”

    This patient was experiencing chronic pain from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, mild lupus, edema, perimenopausal depression, fatigue, and attention deficit syndrome. Her Ethos FPI test revealed Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 deficiencies as well as elevated inflammatory markers.
    The results prompted us to look at her MTHFR alleles, which showed impaired methylation. With this information, we started the patient on Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) and Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) which has greatly relieved her fibromyalgia pain, improved her depression symptoms, and energy levels.
    We added Quercetin which has helped with the edema and joint pain as well. The biomarkers helped us to improve her function and reduce her symptoms over what the plain pain medications were doing. Additionally, the combination of B-12 and B-6 deficiencies (notably her CBC, MCV, and serum B-12 levels were all ‘normal’) prompted us to look at her methylation status, and we found she had the MTHFR 1298 SNP, so her regular ‘multivitamins’ were simply not going to work.

    A male patient with chronic non-surgical back pain

    A chronic non-surgical back pain patient required narcotics in addition to the physical therapy he does at home, in part due to GI bleeds with NSAIDS. Although hydrocodone controlled the deep back pain and other osteoarthritic pain of knees and hands, gabapentin was not helpful for his neuropathic/radicular pain. His Ethos biomarker screen revealed a vitamin B6 deficiency, elevated levels of inflammatory markers (Quinolinic acid and Kynurenic acid) as well as elevated 3-HPMA and abnormal 5-HIAA. His osteoarthritic pain didn’t fully resolve, but the neuropathic pain subsided greatly, which was the component the hydrocodone wouldn’t touch, so he now is very functional at home and work. We wouldn’t have known to pursue this pathway without the biomarkers giving us direction.

    A teenage patient with anxiety and depression

    17 year old female patient with a history of chronic depression, anxiety and insomnia for as long as her mother can remember. When she initially came into the clinic, she wouldn’t talk to the provider and her mom did most of the talking for her. Her mother informed the provider that she was experiencing severe anxiety, depression and also had trouble speaking, but she wouldn’t take any medications to relieve her symptoms. Once the Ethos biomarker results came in, the provider noticed that her 5- HIAA level was at the bottom end of the spectrum and used the result to communicate to the patient that her serotonin turnover levels were at a low level and that could be causing all of these anxiety and depression symptoms she was experiencing. Once the patient and her mother had this objective workup, and it showed that she had these low levels, they were more open to trying different treatment options. The patient was started on the recommended treatment and within weeks of starting the treatment, the patient could feel the effects. The provider notes that the whole patient’s demeanor changed when she came into the office. She was much more talkative, didn’t put her hair over her face at all, and just had a much better outlook on life.

    A patient with a history of drug and opiate abuse

    A patient with a history of drug and opiate abuse and was currently being prescribed suboxone. The patient reported symptoms of fatigue, inability to sleep and general pain throughout the body. Biomarker testing revealed three deficiencies. The physician treated these deficiencies with Pyridoxal-5- Phosphate and Coenzyme Q10 supplements. The patient wrote a glowing review of the office and of the physician which stated that he went above and beyond the patient’s expectations of him by offering a novel test that found specific deficiencies present in her body that were causing her pain. The physician was extremely happy to see this review of his practice and he really appreciated what Ethos was able to provide to him to differentiate himself as a clinician. The next time this patient was seen, which was a couple weeks after she started taking the supplements, she reported that she had some severe ankle pain before the supplements, and that ankle pain was completely gone now.

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